Policing the Internet

10 Mar

The topic of whether the Internet should be policed sparks heated debates amongst many users. They are however many pros and cons to this argument.

Pros – Inappropriate content can be removed from the Internet by censoring adult websites.

Cons – It is very difficult to police the whole Internet society as it is very big and it also affects the freedom of speech argument.

My personal opinion on the matter would be that in a perfect world you would be able to police the Internet but it is not realistically possible.

The Internet and the Law

10 Mar

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act – Ensures that websites cannot use other people’s work without their authorisation.

Computer Misuse Act – Ensures that computers are not used in a malicious manner to harm other people or organisations.

Data Protection Act – Ensures that the data that is held about the data subject is not misused by the data user.

Advanced Spreadsheet Functions

17 Jan
  • Today – Shows today’s date.

  • Now – Shows the date and time.

  • Or – A boolean function, either true or false.

  • If – Checks if a condition is true or false.
  • Count – Counts how many times a value is found in a list of cells.
  • CountIf – Counts how many cells in a list that contain specific characters.


17 Jan

What-if Analysis

A process of changing the values in cells to see how those changes affect the outcome of formulas on the worksheet.

Goal Seeking

A process of entering what output you want and getting the input you require to get to it.

Look-up tables

Look-up tables can be used to extract information. VLook-ups & HLook-ups

So you know Word Processing? What about Desk Top Publishing?

13 Jan

Desktop Publishing software is very handy tool that is widely used in the newspaper/magazine industry to create the pages. It is also used to create posters whereas Word Processing software is more focused on generating letters and documents.

Frames – can contain text or graphics. You can link two frames together to continue the flow of the text. 

Guides – are used to help organise pictures and align text etc.

Kerning – is the adjustment of spaces between pairs of letters to make them more visually appealing.

Leading – refers to the vertical white space that separates the lines of text.

Style Sheets – allows user to maintain consistency throughout the pages.

Widow/Orphan – Text that is at the start or the end of a paragraph that are on different columns.

5 Advanced Features of a Word Processor

11 Jan

Watermark – is something you can display behind text.
Comment – Can be used to elaborate on a point or add comments.
Index/Tables – Used to automatically generate contents page, etc.
Merge – Combines two documents together.
Macro – Records actions and can be used for repetitive tasks.

Entering Information

16 Dec

You can enter information into an information system in many ways: